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Atrocities In Alabama -- Page 1

A newspaper account --

CLARKE COUNTY [AL] JOURNAL, August 27, 1863, p. 2, c. 5
Yankee Outrage.—A few days ago, says the Mobile Tribune of the 23d inst., a party of Yankee marines came ashore not far from Bayou la Batre, and waded to the house of a Mrs. Neill. She was alone at the time.—They endeavored to extort from her information of the number and position of our troops in the neighborhood as well as
information of the localities, &c. She either had no information to give or was determined not to gratify the ruffians. The result was the most barbarous maltreatment. After beating her severely, they tied her with her child in her arms to a tree, where she was found not long afterwards by her husband, who was returning in company with other
persons from the saltworks of that section. The scoundrels got off safely, although they were almost within call of a portion of our force in the neighborhood.