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The Camp Chase Letters

This is a “in process” project. It was started over a year ago with S.H.A.P.E.’s purchase of the microfilm from the Virginia Historical Society where the original surviving letters are being held. Our goal here is to provide a scan of the letters to the descendants of these letter writers. If you are a descendant of any person mentioned in the letters and would like a scanned copy of the letter absolutely free, please contact S.H.A.P.E. We are also making public to all researchers the historical and family information contained in these letters.

There is a possibility that all listed letters may not be transcribed because of quality of the microfilm. Several letters are very dark and made transcription impossible. We will make every effort to transcribe and post all letters and sources that we may find.

Some letters have been "delivered", some have not, we are not keeping any sort of list of descendants or reserachers we have passed the letters on to. If you would like a scan of a letter please let us know

Not all names are the actual letter writers, some were intended recipients of the letter.

All transcriptions are by Evelyn Rard, unless noted otherwise, for S.H.A.P.E. and used with her permission. If you copy these letters please give proper credit Posted 9/15/ 07.

Summary Note: This collection contains correspondence (1862-1863) of prisoners of war, primarily captured from the Confederate States Army of the West, imprisoned at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. Letters from soldiers describe prison conditions and mention the battles of Mill Springs, Ky., Fort Donelson, and Shiloh, Tenn. Letters to prisoners from friends and family members discuss family news, prisoner exchange, and general war news.
Correspondents include:

Names in red transcribed and posted.
Mrs. John F. Allen
John K. Arnold
Walter S. Ashby (at Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, Ohio) Pvt./2nd Lt. Co. A, 14th Miss

E. A. Beers
Robert Beers,
E. Bible, Pvt. Co I, 29th Tenn. Ezekiel Bible
Mrs. Nancy A. Blair,
Napoleon P. Blair, Co. H, 29th Tn.
Peter Barker
David Bradley (of Goshen, Va.)
William U. Brickeen
B. H. Bridgforth (bears letterhead)
E. A. [Butz]

E. R. Campbell
Charles B. Carter (concerning smallpox),
Mrs. Eliza Carter (of Waynesboro, Va.)
James H. Carter (of Albemarle County, Va.),
James H. Chapman, Mrs. Martha L. Chapman
Thomas Charles
G. P. Chilcutt,----George P Chilcutt, Lt. Co. A, 46 Tennessee Infantry) James S. Clark, R. M. Clark,
Thomas H. Clay,
W. Jo. Clift (concerning Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, Henry Wager Halleck, Andrew Johnson, and Abraham Lincoln)
David Clopton
William A. Coleman
Mrs. J. C. Coleman (of Amherst Court House, Va.)
George Cox
W. C. Criner,
Sam O. Crockett,

Mrs. Anna J. Durham, Isaiah Durham, J. C. Durham, J. Q. Durham (concerning accounts),
A.E. Earley, -- Alberto E. Earley, 1st Lt. Co G, 26th Miss
Mrs. Sarry E. Farmer, Thomas L. D. Farmer --Sgt. Co. G, 26th Miss.
W. R. Felton
D. R. Fletcher (concerning smallpox), Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher, David Riley Fletcher,Lt. Co H, 42 Tenn. S. Boyd Foster, Sylvester Boyd Foster ---Co. E, 18 Tennessee Inf.
Thomas Jefferson Foster (of Richmond, Va.), and E. K. Fussell. Also, M. G. Galloway, (enclosing an account),

Mary Jane Gishing,
John F. Gray (at Fort Warren, Mass.), Maj, 48th (VOORHIES') TENN. INF. REG.
James Griffin
Mrs. S. S. Griffin, Doctor George R. Griffith,
John J. Guthrie, Mrs. John J. Guthrie, 26th Tennessee Infantry. (3 East Tenn. Vols.)J. G. Hall
Z. (J) M. Hall
A. G. Hammack, Aron G. Hammack Capt. Co. K, 40th Tenn. Infantry. (5 Confederate Inf. Walker's Reg't Vols.)(

Adkin Harned, Pvt. Co H, 6th Kentucky Mtd.
William Harned, Pvt. Co. B&H, 6th Ken. Mtd, Brother to Adkin? ( letter from Henry Hart)G. W. Hart (at Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, Ohio),
Henry H. Hart, Civilian
Landon Carter Haynes (of Richmond, Va.),
J. Henderson, John Henderson
Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson John D. Hudson, Noah Hudson
Mrs. Mary M. Hughes, W. G. Hughes, W. M. Hughes,

G. W. Jackson,
J. P. Jackson (concerning the Battle of Fort Donelson), Doctor James Monroe Jackson, William Jackson,

J. W. Kenney,
Frank W. Keyes (concerning David Tod),

Mrs. Mary Lanier, William Lanier,
Amos Leatherman,Mrs. Daphne Leatherman,
A. S. Levy, Ella Levy,
Mrs. Ida Lilly, John Lilly
M. B. Locke, Mrs. A. H. Long, Hardin Long,
Andrew J. Lowe, and Mrs. Martha A. Lowe.

Mrs. I. C. McGehee, Joseph T. McGehee, Mrs. L. W. Malone,
W. R. Marshall-- From John C. Hubbard,
L. F. Mauney, Mrs. N. A. E. Mauney, M. P. Mecker, W. Meikle (concerning a blockade-runner at Mobile, Ala.), J. R. Middleton, M. S. Miller (concerning the siege of Island Number Ten), Mrs. Maria Miller, S. B. Moore, P. A. Morgan (at Johnson's Island, Ohio), R. Morris, Charles Moses (of Augusta County, Va.), Samuel M. Moses, Alaxandria Norman, Mrs. Charlotte Norman (bears letterhead), M. Osborn, W. C. Osborn, Mrs. Blanckey W. Overbey, Willson Overbey, G. W. Owings, J. R. Owings,L. J. Pardue, W. P. Pardue
E. Paschal,
Sebern Phillips, Sue Phillips, Mrs. [T.] J. Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Mrs. Ann C. {poue],

Charles W. Raisler,
Doctor John Perkins Ralls (of Richmond, Va.),
Charles A. Ray, Joseph H. Reese,
J. S. Reynolds,
Mrs. Lucinda Riblett, Michael D. Riblett,
Mrs. Mollie Riley, R. H. Riley, Doctor W. J. Rogers (concerning surgeons as prisoners of war),
James M. Sanders, Mrs. James M. Sanders, W. D. Seay, William P. Seay (of Richmond, Va.),F. Shackelford, W. A. H. Shackelford -- 26th Miss Inf., Co. H
Otho Robards Singleton (of Richmond, Va.)
F. M. Smith,
Mrs. H. E. Smith, W. M. Smith, W. S. Smith, W. H. Stanton, G. W. Stockton (at Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill.), L. D. Stockton, W. H. Storey (at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill.), J. L. Stroud,
John B. Stuart, and Mrs. Sarah Stuart. Charles F. Taylor, Mrs. Deborah Taylor,
J. S. Thomas,
John W. Thompson (of the Rockbridge Guards, Company B, 25th Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA)
Thomas Thorn
Connally F. Trigg,
C. E. Tuttle,
S. C. Twitty, Mrs. S. C. Twitty,

John Walker (concerning David Tod), Mrs. Phillis Walker, Susan A. Wallure, John S. Ward,
Henry Whisler (concerning the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862)
J. F. Whitfield, Mrs. J. F. Whitfield,
Louis Trezevant Wigfall (of Richmond, Va.)
J. T. Williams, W. C. Williams,
Valentine Wiss,
A. Jackson Wood, W. P. Wren, and Thomas J. York.

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