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Only 144 men of the 3rd Arkansas remained out of the 1,353 mustered into it from the start of the civil war. The regiment took part in almost every major eastern battle, decimating their ranks by the wars end, to include the Battle of Cheat Mountain, Battle of Seven Pines, Seven Days Battle, Battle of Harpers Ferry, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of the Wilderness, and the Battle of Chickamauga.

3rd Arkansas CSA


An update and correction --

Also, was looking at your site and wanted you to know, the photo you have is not of the 3rd Ark Inf. of ANV fame under Lee but the 3rd Ark State Troops (Gratiot’s) of battle of Oak Hills fame. This unit disbanded after Oak Hills and men re-enlisted in other Regiments. This is a pic of the Hempstead Rifles of that regiment. And if you look at the file of men between the two drummers you will notice that the third man back is a black member. Also notice the man between and behind fifer and drummer has colored glasses.

Submitted by Anthony Rushing